Investor Relations


1. Business Strategies

To be the leading Thai integrated electric power company with comprehensive energy services in Thailand and in the ASEAN region, with full commitment to environment protection and social development support

EGCO seeks to expand our market share through developing or acquiring IPP projects in Thailand and in the ASEAN region. We invest in well-structured projects taking into consideration our area of expertise, projects' economies of scale with acceptable return and risk profile. EGCO focuses on achieving sustainable long-term growth for the company while having strong management and good corporate governance

  • Seek ASEAN region opportunities such as Laos, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Philippines.
  • Develop or acquire IPP&SPP projects including increase stakes in existing IPP projects
  • Develop renewable energy projects (SPP)
  • Negotiate on Regco & Kegco PPA Extension

2. Existing and New Power Plants

4. Dividend

EGCO had a policy to pay consistent dividend to shareholders, linked to the underlying earnings performance of the business. In the absence of unforeseen circumstances, EGCO has a policy to dividend approximately 40% of the consolidated net profit after tax, or to increase the dividend amount in a steady manner, to the shareholders. This dividend policy may change in the light of investment opportunities that may become available to EGCO or as a result of other economic or financial factors or when a dividend payment may have a significant impact on EGCO's normal operation. The dividend payment shall not exceed the retained earnings of the separated financial statements.

The payment of dividends shall be made within 1 month of the date of the resolution of the shareholder meeting or of the Board of Directors' meeting, as the case may be, in accordance with the Public Limited Companies Act B.E. 2535 Section 115 and EGCO's Articles of Association Section 41. EGCO tries its best to pay dividend to shareholders as earliest as possible. EGCO usually declares an interim dividend for the first half-year operation and final dividend for the second half-year operation around September and May, respectively.

If you do not receive dividend, please kindly contact the Thailand Securities Depository Co., Ltd. (“TSD”), EGCO's registrar, at the following address:

Contact in person 93 Ratchadaphisek Road, Dindaeng, Dindaeng, Bangkok 10400, Thailand
Mailing Address 93 Ratchadaphisek Road, Dindaeng, Dindaeng, Bangkok 10400, Thailand
E-mail Address
Telephone number 02-009-9000
Fax number 02-009-9991
SET Contact Center 02-009-9999

To begin the process, you should check with the TSD whether there was any document returned by post. If yes, you or your delegate can contact TSD to receive such document. Otherwise, you may contact TSD for the details concerning the lost document i.e. dividend cheque number, dividend amount, payment date, to further illustrate such information in a police notice, which is among others, a crucial supporting evidence for TSD to re-issue the replacement document. Other documents that are required to be submitted are:

  • An Application for Issuance of New Securities Certificate or Dividend/Interest Cheque in Replacement of the Lost Cheque
  • Police notice
  • Certified copy of the shareholder' identification card
  • Other supporting documents as deemed necessary by TSD
  • For more information, please contact TSD Call Center Tel. 02-009-9999

You may contact to receive the rights-related or any other documents that has been returned by post by either contacting in person at TSD's office and submitting your identification card to receive the documents or sending a requisition letter, with a copy of your authenticated identification card enclosed, for TSD to re-deliver the documents to you via mail.

  • You must present to the TSD the out-of-date dividend cheque with a copy of the identification card at the TSD's counter services on 1st floor or 4th floor, 62 the Stock Exchange of Thailand Building, Ratchadapisek Road, Klongtoey, Bangkok 10110 to reissue you a new cheque.
  • For more information, please contact TSD Call Center Tel. 02-009-9999

Documents required to be submitted to TSD upon a request for having a cheque updated are as in the followings:

  • A letter requesting for an amendment in dividend cheque/ interest or an Application for alteration of particulars in dividend/interest cheque
  • The original cheque that is needed to be updated
  • Court order (in case the payee is changed to administrator (s))
  • Other supporting documents as deemed necessary by TSD
  • For more information, please contact TSD Call Center Tel. 02-009-9999

The shareholders can submit request forms for dividend/ interest payments to bank accounts, and specified supplement documents to the TSD. In case of the scripless holding, securities holders can submit via securities companies from which they receive services. A registrar will deposit dividend/ interest into bank accounts after a securities issuer requests to make dividend/ interest payments to bank accounts of securities holders or securities owners.

5. Registration and Securities Certificate

Securities in scrip form may be transferred from the transferor (the previous holder) to the transferee (the new holder) by following the procedure as set out below.

  • A transferer signs his/her name on the back of the scrip in the transferor box.
  • A transferee signs his/her name on the back of the scrip in the transferee box.
  • The transferee fills in and submits an Application for Registration of Securities Transfer together with a securities certificate and other supporting evidence from both transferor and transferee as required by TSD.
  • TSD verifies and register the transfer and issues a new certificate to the transferee (if required).

The securities transfer can be made either by having the registrar to sign, as approval of the registration of the transfer, on the existing securities certificate and send the said certificate to the transferee (no new certificate issued) or the new certificate is issued in the name of the transferee. In the former case, the transferee can receive the certificate promptly at the time the registration of the transfer is accepted by the registrar. However, in case of the latter, it would require 30 days for the registrar to issue a new certificate and, at the transferee's choice, have it ready at the registrar's office for the transferee, or the transferee's delegated person, to pick up (upon a surrender of an evidence previously issued by TSD) or have it delivered, via registered mail, to the transferee at the given address.

Share certificates are valuable documents- keep them safely. However, if you lose it, here are the procedures that you should follow through.

Firstly, you must have a police notice which is one of a crucial supporting evidence for TSD to re-issue the replacement securities certificate. Other documents that are required to be submitted are:

  • An application form for issuance of a new securities certificate in replacement of a lost securities certificate;
  • The police notice;
  • Certified copy of the shareholder' identification card; and
  • Other supporting documents as deemed necessary by TSD.
  • For more information, please contact TSD Call Center Tel. 02-009-9999

In order to update the personal information, you should submit a Request Form for Rectifying Items in the Securities Holder Record together with relevant document(s) as required by TSD in person or by mail. In case of the change of title, first name, or last name, the original securities certificate is required to be presented in exchange of the newly issued one.

The address given to the registrar should be an address that is proper for registered mailing purpose. There must be any person at such address to receive the documents upon delivery. Also, in accordance with the regulations set out by the Department of Business Development of the Ministry of Commerce, such address may not be a postal box.

For a shareholder who deposits his/her securities with broker/custodian, he/she has to contact the broker/custodian to have his/her information updated. The updated information will be applied to any particular distribution of benefit only when the update is made at least 5 business days prior to the respective register book closing or the record date (as the case may be).

There are two ways to converse the securities certificate to scripless as follows.

  • You can deposit the securities through securities companies that you have the account;
  • You can also deposit the securities in the Issuer Account at TSD (in case you have not got the account with any security companies by contacting TSD counter services; or
  • For further details, please contact TSD Call Center Tel. 02-009-9999

6. Shareholders Annual General Meeting

By virtue of Section 98 of the Public Limited Companies Act B.E. 2535 and Section 29 of the Company's Articles of Association, EGCO shall call an annual ordinary general meeting of the shareholders (“AGM”) within 4 months from the last day of its fiscal year. EGCO shareholders' annual general meeting is usually held in April. The annual general meeting is one of the major events of EGCO and an important opportunity for shareholders to meet directors and management.

As EGCO is your company, we encourage all shareholders to exercise your right. If you are unable to attend the meeting, you can appoint a proxy to attend the meeting and vote on your behalf by using a proxy form as attached with the notice of shareholders' meeting or printing a proxy form on EGCO's website at The proxy does not need to be EGCO's shareholders. The voting right has to be assigned to only one proxy, therefore, this voting right cannot be split and separately assigned to more than one proxy. Normally, EGCO shall propose at least one independent director of the Company to be a proxy. For the proxy form, the shareholder must completely fill the proxy form to be presented to EGCO together with the required documents.

EGCO would like to invite the shareholders to propose agenda of Shareholders' Annual General Meeting and to name qualified director candidates in compliance with the criteria as announced on the Notice of the AGM and the EGCO's website.

Each shareholder has the voting rights equal to the number of shares held in EGCO (one share one vote). The shareholders must vote for all number of shares and cannot split the number of shares for voting in favor, against and abstention in the same proposal. EGCO will announce the voting procedure during the AGM so that shareholders can follow and cast their votes as they wish.

You can inform the intention to attend the shareholders' meeting via IVR system of TSD starting from the date of receiving the notice of shareholders' annual meeting until three days prior to the meeting date. The steps to walk through are as follows:

  1. Call TSD Center : Tel. 02-009-9999
  2. Press 7 for registration to shareholder meeting
  3. Press code number in fourteen digits (First 4 digits is 0465/the next 10 digits is shareholders' registration no. which appears on the Registration Form)
  4. Confirm code number
  5. Result will be informed by IVR system

This information will help EGCO properly prepare the AGM.

7. Corporate Communications

We announce the AGM date in February each year. The annual report and notice of AGM will be sent to you around the end of March or early April. The notice of meeting is also available on our website 1 month before the AGM so that shareholders can study all information prior to receiving the notice.

You can request to receive the newsletter at e-mail: In this regard, when the new issue is launched, the investor relations section will inform you via e-mail.

EGCO issues newsletter quarterly. If not receiving the newsletter, please contact the investor relations section, telephone number 02-998-5150-3 or e-mail: Normally, the shareholders will receive the newsletter by post. If you do not receive such post, please kindly check with TSD whether your address is correct.

EGCO provides the document request form attached with the annual report. You may choose to receive the document by completing, signing and returning the notification form to the Corporate Secretary. Moreover, you can reach EGCO information on the Company's website.

You can see EGCO's information at

All registered shareholders are welcome to join the shareholders' visit programme. Normally, EGCO would announce at the shareholders' meeting and on the Company's website at the invitation to such programme. Participants can check the information on the Company's website at They will also be contacted by phone.